Peru: Huarmey Disaster Relief Ministry Trip

Stranded on their rooftops by flooding and mudslides, residents of Huarmey, Peru ironically need the one thing they see everywhere they look: water.

Our friend and partner Pastor William Diaz from Lima Peru was able to provide assistance to the victims of the wide spread floodings and mud slides right away through the Huarmey Disaster Relief project. Together with his wife and church they distributed 300 meals for several days in a row to the victims. On Friday night they stayed up all night to prepare the meals for Huarmey. At 2 AM they were still preparing 500 sandwiches and left Lima shortly after that.


After a long drive the team arrives at Huarmey:


This is the level of devastation only in this neighborhood. Many others have lost everything they owned and worked for their whole life.


After heading back home, Pastor William thanks Live in Victory and partners for their generous support. We have sent some funds out as soon as we heard of the disaster, which allowed them to buy extra food and water for the victims in Peru. Thanks to all of you who helped with the Huarmey Disaster Relief Project


We still accept more donations for Peru as it will take several weeks or months for these people to get back up on their own feet after this terrible shock.

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